Menu for a delivery Tuesday April 19th

I was having a discussion with a family friend, and tried to explain that food is nostalgic. We love food that reminds us of good times with our family and friends . Whether it’s a memory you have with your grandma , when she made spaghetti and meatballs, or maybe during Christmas when you made 10,000 tamales . Sometimes food can transport you back to those moments from your childhood, the care free feelings you had, enjoying family time or just simply a tasty meal with conversation . This is what I love about food, and this is what I love to recreate . Memories through taste, the reminder that food always brings us together, no matter what. When we have gatherings with loved ones, we sit and we feast. Food is that staple for celebration, and enjoyment with one another. Food nourishes our body, and quite obviously keeps us alive . We all have to eat! So why not enjoy it, with whole food, non processed, no additive, delicious ingredients ? We got you!

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