Menu for a delivery Tuesday February 15th

. Chicken pot pie soup. (Yeah that’s right, you’re not illiterate, you read that correctly) slow cooked chicken , mirepoix (once again, French for carrots, onions, celery, garlic, OUI!) potatoes, mushrooms, peas, corn, in a rich and THICC creamy broth, with fresh herbage. Be brave and top with some fresh baked  biscuits, or whatever your glutenous rebel soul is feeling like .


. Shakshuka- sliced russet potatoes simmered with fresh tomatoes, garlic caramelized onion, floral spices , crispy bacon, and eggplant. Topped with citrus pickles onion cilantro eggs. ( we’re on the fence with scrambled or poached🤔)


. BBQ personal size beef meat loaf, infused with roasted garlic confit (French for cooked in fat, this case ghee 👨🏼‍🍳) fried shallot hericots vert (also French for green beans- KEEP UP!) roasted broccoli,  with whipped ghee mash potatoes .


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