Menu for a delivery Tuesday March 1st

 Wellness Wednesday coming in hot with those FIRE dishes for next weeks delivery! What better way is there to be fully prepared, with tasty dishes made with whole food ingredients, and all the love to go along with it. We craft these delicious dishes with all of you in mind, and hope that you are completely satisfied with our tasty product. 

 You know the drill, get your orders placed by 1pm Friday for a delivery Tuesday March 1st. Use PROMO CODE “EALRYBIRD” by 11:59pm tonight, and received $10 off your purchase. Again, this expires tonight at 11:59pm. Not tomorrow, not Friday, tonight. So use it up people!


 Reminder- On Mondays, we are at full speed with production in the kitchen. Some dishes take longer than others to weigh, and or portion, especially when we have 1,000+ meals to finish in a single shift. Not that most care but… sometimes we have half of our staff not show up, or call in due to personal reasons . We still grind, we still bring our masterpiece full circle and together for you, regardless. With that said, please wait for you delivery email that will say “Your order is on the way”. Yes I know, it should say it has been delivered but… it doesn’t so please, wait for the delivery email before you go to pick up your food. We may be behind in the kitchen on Mondays due to a few of the issues mentioned above, and not able to deliver until later in the evening . Thank you for being patient with us, and understanding. For give the novel I just wrote, we’re all just happy to be here . 

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