Menu for a delivery Tuesday May 16th

Ok, stop and take a look at this one ! Are you tired of trying to figure out what to eat every day? Are you sick of eating out and wasting money on food that makes you feel like garbage ? This is where WE come in! Never sacrifice the enjoyment of eating while consuming healthy whole food ingredients. How could all these food options be gluten, dairy and refined sugar free you ask? DONT WORRY ABOUT IT! We aren’t your typical “home chefs” . Between myself and my crew we have put 10-17 years in each. 12 hour+ days, 5-6 days a week in at fine dining restaurants . Food is a passion and a science . When you understand the food, and speak it’s language, you can communicate it using the ingredients you’re given. It’s an art, it’s love, it’s necessary! We are here to take care of you , let us help. 

As always, place your order by Friday before 2pm on our website at Use promo code EARLYBIRD today before midnight and save $12 on your order . 

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