Menu for a delivery Tuesday May 2nd

April had floods, April had rain, but this time next week…. ITS GONNA BE MAY!!! 🫠💀🫠💀 insert Justin Timberlake’a face here . 

im still over here on island time but the CMM crew really held it down and put out some delicious meals you’re all enjoying this week. YES, it’s not all ME! Never is. I’m fortunate enough to have some amazing people on my team that are very passionate about food and bring a lot of culinary creativity and work ethic. Without them none of this would be possible. So a big shout out to them! 

our new menu is up and ready to take your orders . Get them in before Friday  by 2pm for a delivery Tuesday MAY 2nd. Use promo code “EARLYBIRD” by 11:59pm tonight (Wednesday) and save $12 on your entire order . Order at

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