Menu for a delivery Tuesday November 1st

 We realize we are not your typical “meal prep” company, and that’s kind of the point . We never want you to feel like healthily eating has to feel forced or boring. No over cooked chicken, steamed broccoli and dry rice. Though these three components can be tasty when prepared correctly, we like to give them an upgrade. I (Ryan) have utilized my many years in fine dining to bring you the best whole food driven, no junk added quality meals that taste like you should feel slightly guilty when eating them day to day. We want it to be enjoyable, a treat, nourishing, while you don’t ever have to worry about what BS ingredients are in each dish. You know, because they’re all printed on each label with nothing hidden. Food should be simple, tasty, and wholesome . We are happy to bring these meals to your table , and have you stress less about the grocery shopping, food prep, and throwing away all those leftovers . We’ve got your back!


 As usual, all orders must be placed Friday by 1pm for a delivery Tuesday November 1st. Use promo code “EARLYBIRD” at check out and save $10 on your order . Get it in at 

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