Menu for a delivery Tuesday November 7th

Wow, we really have 60 days left in 2023. How are you going to make them count? Don’t wait until the new year to start making healthy idecisions for yourself . Start NOW! Show 2024 that you don’t need no special day of the year to be told when to make a healthy decision for yourself! We’re here to help! We also have heard your requests on how to improve our business and service for you, our clients . We will be implementing those accordingly . 

BIG NEWS! We finally got our building permit finalized and are right back at it building the new kitchen space . What should have taken 30-40 days has now been over 100. We still have a lot to work to do, but are thankful to be able to move forward and make progress . We can’t wait to open this space up to you and showcase what we will be offering . 

As always place all order before Friday at 2pm, for a delivery Tuesday November 7th. Order before midnight tonight and use the promo code EARLYBIRD and save $12 off your order . We may not be supplying this code with our new system, so use it up while you can . 


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