Menu for a delivery Tuesday October 18th

 We are going for it with this one! If you haven’t watched FX’s THE BEAR, then you’re missing out on a hell of a show. They really did our service industry justice depicting a day in the life of in the kitchen. From call backs (heard), knife work (keep them sharp), the importance of cleanliness (house keeping), having your station and ingredients ready (mise en place), to defining roles . Most of all, taking pride in the food and working as a unit/team. We all depend on one another to show up, be ready to work, and give it our all day to day. They say it takes a village, in this case a brigade to prep from raw, whole food ingredients, to the final product you see before you, ready to be eaten. So much effort, time, passion, and skill is poured into every single dish, and we couldn’t relate more . We are beyond proud to serve you and help with your day to day eating habits . Food should never be frowned upon, and as something we need to consistently do to survive, there’s no reason for it not to be enjoyable at every meal. We got you! With that being said, we are replicating the “cola” braised beef short ribs with risotto from the show, but with our own little twist. No processed sugars, all clean, whole food ingredients . We are looking forward to making our own Cherry “cola” that will not cause an insulin spike! Cooking really is a lesson on finding out, depending on how much you FA!

 As usual, place all orders by Friday at 1pm for a delivery Tuesday October 18th. If you choose to order today, use the promo code “EARLYBIRD” at check out and save $10 off your entire order. This expires at 11:59pm TONIGHT (Wednesday). Order at

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